Double-sided and metallic IML for packaging captures brand owners’ a |

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Double-sided and metallic IML for packaging captures brand owners’ a |

Belgium-based Verstraete's innovative DoubleSided and metallic in-mold labels (IML) have captured the attention of a number of brand owners over the past year since its introduction. As brand owners continue to look for new ways to differentiate their products and reduce packaging costs, DoubleSided IML are labels that are printed on both sides, which creates additional space for information such as product use suggestions, contests or information mandated by law.

Galbani (Santa Lucia) and Maison Raymond are an example of some of the early adopters of this new DoubleSided IML technology. These companies use it to instruct their consumers on how to use their product by giving some great recipe suggestions.

Metallic IML labels give the packaging a premium metallic look with the use of cold foil. This innovation provides various brand owners including the paint, cosmetics, and high-end food markets an eye-catching look and offers extra branding and diversifications opportunities. The transition from metal to plastic packaging using metallic IML is a cost effective solution that provides the traditional look of metal in a plastic paint can, something that paint producer Jotun finds distinguishes its products from the rest.

Koen Verstraete, CEO of Verstraete IML, credits the DoubleSided IML and metallic IML for meeting brand owners demand for a unique packaging "look" that often determines the consumer's choice. "I can't phrase it better than what one of Unilever's marketing managers told me one day: 'our packaging is the face to our consumer, we better make sure it creates a smile!' Therefore the product needs to stand out on the shelf."

To meet the global demand for DoubleSided and metallic IML, Verstraete is investing in expanding production capacity over the next year, and recently hired 40 additional employees. "The European market already picked up on multiple IML innovations. As the 'orange peel' and 'glossy' look have become a market standard, brand owners look more and more to differentiate themselves through look and feel innovations," said Koen Verstraete. "As for other continents, we see a shift from other decoration techniques to in-mold labeling. During the past two years, we have built our own worldwide network of IML experts, assisting our industry partners, customers and all newcomers in IML projects."

The company has opened offices in Boston, Sao Paulo, Beirut, St. Petersburg and Bangkok. "With a growing middle-class population in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, we believe in-mold labeling is only at the starting point of becoming a global packaging decoration technology," Verstraete concluded.

Double-sided and metallic IML for packaging captures brand owners’ a |

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