The Most Interesting New Clothing of 2022

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From Wrangler coats to graphic tees, these releases caught our eye this year. Skeleton Zip Up Hoodie

The Most Interesting New Clothing of 2022

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This year, the clothing industry regained its footing. It also evolved. It's more expressive, even if it references vintage styles. Whether it is an important collab between Wrangler and Pendleton or a T-shirt celebrating Curtis Mayfield's 80th birthday, there are countless releases worth calling out, but these are a few of our favorites.

This collaborative coat references the classic barn jacket style while being decidedly Western, not Northwestern. It has a bold roper pattern and a sherpa lining, for warmth, of course.

The first The North Face Nuptse Jacket dropped in 1992. This version celebrates this important anniversary while referencing an archival print, the XPLR Pass, which appears as clouds on the all-black jacket.

This sueded version of Taylor Stitch's popular Ojai Jacket was made exclusively for Berdorf Goodman's B. Shop, which is curated by Bruce Pask. It's a lovely color that'll age nicely with wear.

This corduroy jacket kind of looks like fleece from afar. The custom dye job enhances the jacket's natural texture and adds an artful twist.

Exclusive to Mr Porter's FUTURES collection, Manaki's Koro Sweater is made from a rare mix of merino wool, alpaca and silk. It's soft but textured.

By mid-November, when winter truly settles in, everyone reaches for their tall coats at the rear of the closet. A Kind of Guise's Eddy Coat arrives just in time, promising warmth when temps dip below zero.

NYC brand Knickerbocker and legendary camera company Kodak have collaborated a number of times. The latest installment features a few sweatshirts, T-shirts, totes and hats, each one with their own cheeky Kodak ads or collaborative logos. This hoodie, which mixes heather gray and navy jersey, features artwork illustrated by Joshua Minnich.

Rarely are we anxious to ruin our newest purchase. But Warehouse and Rocky Mountain Featherbed's new denim vest is begging to be broken in, and it'll look amazing once you do it. (It looks great as is, though, too — who am I kidding?)

Late musician and emcee MF DOOM passed in 2020, but his estate still manages his merch store, Gas Drawls. On it, you'll find mugs and records, but also rugby shirts. This heavyweight cotton shirt comes with an appliqué DOOM across it.

Woolrich's new Alaskan Overshirt isn't actually new at all. It's based on an archival pattern and made from Melton wool, which is woven from recycled materials. It has hefty buttons, a pointed collar and well-proportioned shoulders.

PANGAIA is, beyond being an apparel brand, is a materials and dyes technology company. What does that mean? Well, they make clothes from nettle and dye them with waterless dyes. This hoodie in particular, though, is a departure still. It's made from 100 percent cotton and dyed using food waste. This light green comes from matcha, which is Japanese green tea.

Nick Fouquet is a hat maker first and foremost. His eponymous label sells numerous wide-brim hats handmade by Fouquet himself. This jacket isn't, but it's proof that his brand is growing, and hats aren't all he's destined to sell.

Banks Journal's zip-up sweater offers the softness of a sweater with the versatility of a zip-up hoodie. It's truly hard to beat, even if there is no hood. It's one of those pieces that's super easy to wear but looks put together.

Everything Manresa designer Mike McLachlan puts out is worth checking out, but this cardigan? It's a can't-miss. A nod to a neighborhood in Norwalk, Connecticut, it's soft and warm and made from 15 percent wool. As McLachlan poetically puts it, it's just right for early risers: "The water boils and the beans grind. As you grab your mug and head to the porch you grab your trusty cardi off the back of the chair near the door. Breathe in breathe out. The sun rises and so do you."

I tipped readers off to Camber, a small trade company in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, last year, when they collaborated with Sneakersnstuff on a few exclusive colors of their famous hoodie, a heavyweight pullover that fits perfectly. Beyond that collab, and a few random menswear stores in London, Camber hoodies are hard to get. The company doesn't just sell its hoodies — you have to wholesale them. That was until American Trench asked them to manufacture a signature hoodie for its sportswear line, Original Equipment. These are them, made by Camber USA in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

A good leather jacket is expensive — and often fairly heavy. Buck Mason's new sheepskin PCH Jacket is neither. For a fair $548, you get a lightweight leather jacket with an iconic look to it. Small zipper details make the side pockets stand out, even if they don't compete with some Japanese-made grails.

Mr Porter's in-house brand, Mr P., sells a number of basics but also more adventurous designs, like this Color-Block Polo Shirt. It's made from an ultra-soft mix of cotton and TENCEL Lyocell, making it something you could wear on red carpets and to a friend's birthday dinner just the same.

Whenever Peanuts is licensed for a new product collab, most folks can guess what it'll look like. But even when the characters feel overused nowadays, Buzz Rickson's manages to make the concept feel fresh and new.

A departure from the brand's usual sweatshirts and sweatpants, Fear of God's new cable knit sweater is an affordable cotton-blend knit with an oversized fit and a small logo at the top of the back.

Cherry season might've passed, but Our Legacy wants it to live on through its Sonar Roundneck, a pink sweater with a wide neck, chunky cuffs and a big graphic printed onto the front of it.

Collegiate tees are almost always a solid color with a contrasting oversized text logo. Dad Grass, as much a CBD brand as it is a merch company, made its own version of one, covering the front of a standard blue tee with the word "Grass." It's clever, a little cheeky and better than a tee that says "Dad."

Perfect both unbuttoned like a camp collar shirt or done all the way up like a T-shirt, the jersey is comfortable, breathable and designed to fade with time. The shape itself is a nod to jerseys from the '50s and each one is assembled by hand.

The Harley-Davidson x Jason Momoa collab is expectedly rugged, but there are pops of color, too. This jacket is plain black, though, but it's subtly stylish. The body is suede while the inside is polyester taffeta. The name, Ka paniolo, means "the cowboy."

This simple crewneck, which is available in two colors, supports the Muscle Shoals Music Foundation, a nonprofit responsible for preserving Sheffield, Alabama's famed Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. Among the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, of course, The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding recorded there.

Sure, there are cheaper T-shirts out there, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a better one. Standard & Strange's new Loopwheel Tee is the result of months, if not years, of extensive research.

"Our love of loopwheels is no secret," the brand says. "Produced entirely on vintage machines, loopwheels are knit very, very slowly. The machines that produce our loopwheel fabric can knit about a half roll of fabric in a day, humming along at just 1 meter per hour. In comparison, a modern knitting machine can blast out about five full rolls a day, operating at roughly 10 times the speed of a loopwheeler."

The resulting tee is light and breathable but flattering. You'll find it in a few colors.

Onia makes a number of vacation-ready Terry towel tops, but this one, with a full-length zipper instead of buttons, is by far my favorite. It'll take adjusting to, but if you're not sure about showing so much skin, try a T-shirt or tank top beneath it.

The Kickback Jacket looks like your usual cotton-canvas coat with a contrasting cord collar. However, one of its chore pockets, of which there are two, comes insulated, courtesy of a removable coozie. If you've never noticed, most chore jacket pockets are the perfect size for a can of cold beer or club soda. Now, your jacket can keep it that way.

Curtis Mayfield would've celebrated his 80th birthday this year had he not passed in 1999. To celebrate the musician's milestone, his official estate launched a small capsule collection, which includes two tees and one hoodie.

Ronning's latest collection, Paint Supplies, features several workwear-inspired designs. Among them is this pair of paint-splattered pants, which they call Carpenter Jeans. They're plain black with white specks.

Skims, Kim Kardashian's clothing unicorn, launched a unisex line of basics this year. While the clothes are genderless, the site suggests men order their normal size, while women size up or down depending on how they want it to fit.

Mother Denim doesn't just specialize in jeans. The brand also makes a bunch of graphic tees. This one, dubbed The Buster, is a broken in, vintage-looking option with a dusty design and sun-faded shoulders.

I will never entertain the idea that there are no good summer pants ever again. Look at Tombolo's Easy-Going Pants, exquisite pinstriped slacks cut from organic cotton.

A part of African surf brand Mami Wata's new collection, these patterned swim trunks come with hearts etched into each box, but also a Mami Wata patch sewn onto the left leg.

A reference to a promotional tee for the 1980 movie Raging Bull, the Racing Embrace shirt by Forrest celebrates the universal signal for the start of a race. It runs slim, so if you want relaxed fit, size up.

Dickies celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. To commemorate the brand's centennial, a collection of coats, pants and graphic tees and hats dropped in the brand's online store. Included was this 100 Year Denim Chore Coat, which is made from 11.7 oz. 100 percent cotton denim according to how it looked in 1922.

Tekla introduced a few new patterns to its sleepwear collection — "Polka Stripes," pictured here, included. It's stylish, something I want to wear out into the world, too.

Upstart soccer jersey brand Futsol has four iterations to its name, a white, green, blue and pink option. This one, dubbed Aceituna Blanca, doesn't rep a team but rather football culture at large.

Made from 150z denim with a flannel liner, the Manresa Mac Barn Coat pays tribute to earlier styles but is entirely its own. I mean, just look at it.

After being available briefly a few months ago, the popular Knickerbocker Check Cardigan is back. It's made from merino wool and has a checkered body but blank sleeves.

The PacSun Fashion Scholarship Fund offered a handful of young, independent designers to the opportunity to make unisex collections for the retail chain. The pieces are affordable and far more interesting than most other items on the store's site, making this collection a refreshing a change of pace and a stamp of approval for these young creators.

Cowgirl Blue 1962's graphic love letter is just in time for the upcoming spending holiday (err, I mean, celebration of love) that is Valentine's Day. "I'd be sad and blue... if not for you," it reads.

Done to celebrate Jason Jules' book, Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style, this crewneck from Drake's comes with one of the book's memorable silhouettes printed across the back and the book's title arranged around it.

There's an iconic photo out there of Steve McQueen wearing a cut-off, short-sleeve sweatshirt in the halls of a studio set in Hollywood. Behind him, Studio 7A is painted on the wall. Fortela combined the classic style and that faded graphic for one pleasant reproduction.

Two versions of Mister Freedom's Ranch Blouse arrived at Standard & Strange this year, the "Randall," the natural leather seen here, and "Ringo," a rich black version. As S&S explains in its product listing, this jacket's much more than a riff on an original. It combines shapes and features from a few different storied styles, creating its own unique silhouette.

Your sweats should have structure! That's my own belief but clearly Richer Poorer's, too. Their new terry chore coat comes with tailored shoulders, a substantial collar and rivet-reinforced pockets.

Tom Brady launched his own eponymous clothing brand this year with the help of Public School designer Dao Yi-Chow. Think: Lululemon or Everlane or Gap's long-dead Hill City brand but with "BRADY" logos.

A part of Satisfy's Stonehenge collection, which they shot a campaign for at the Stonehenge monuments, this shirt is made and dyed in Japan using CloudMerino, a proprietary ultra-thin wool. The seams are raw to shed weight, while there's a reflective graphic on the right shoulder.

The Most Interesting New Clothing of 2022

Full Zip Hoodie Manastash's archival fleece comes cut from windproof polar polyester and printed with an all-over graphic from a few seasons ago. It's warm and practical yet plenty of fun.